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Connecting to the Level of Love

No matter our beliefs, we can all connect to a higher place of wisdom, the level of love. With this connection, we can see our life situations and the beings around us from a higher, kinder perspective. We are all here on our earthly adventure doing the best we can, and no one is perfect. We are in our perfect right state of the process, growing from each experience, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel like it.

When we connect to the level of love, we feel more accepting of ourselves, those around us, and our life situation as it is. We can stop fighting against what is and release the resistance. Then in that higher place of peace and love, we’re able to see with clarity our True direction on this path of life. We are ready to learn from our experiences and move forward with loving purpose toward the highest good of all. Even if the first step is difficult, we begin. With every positive accomplishment, we trust ourselves more, trust this experience of life, and know that our loving higher wisdom is always there for guidance and support.


I connect to Universal Love and invite higher wisdom to guide me.

I can always choose to view any life situation from the higher level of love and compassion.

I make love the purpose for everything I do.

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