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When Our Inner Child Cries Out For Love

Sometimes our inner child feels sad, left out, expendable, angry or not good enough. This feeling is usually related to our pain-body—perhaps something has triggered us, but our inner child is really crying out for love.

The trigger may be a small thing, and no one intended to hurt us. Sometimes circumstances are beyond others’ control, or they’re wrapped up in their own lives, or they don’t know any better. We’re all the heroes of our own stories, here doing the best we can to be happy despite the past pain and stress we tend to drag around with us.

So, love your inner child right where they are. They deserve love and acceptance and attention. We are all worthy of love just the way we are, no matter what we’re feeling or learning at present on our journey of life. Throughout the day, just wrap your arms around your beautiful inner child. Send love to your heart. You really are okay, right where you are.


I send love and acceptance to my inner child.

I am worthy of love and acceptance.

Even when I’m afraid, sad, angry, or I feel like I’ve failed at something, I love myself right where I am.

I am friendly and caring toward my heart. Throughout the day I check in with my heart in a compassionate, accepting way.

I surround my heart with the warm glow of love and peace.

I love and accept any feeling I discover and I let it be….with kindness and peace.

I am kind to my heart, always.

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