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Transcending Fear of Failure

“…see failure for what it is—fascinating feedback.” —From Choose the Life You Want by Tal Ben-Shahar, PhD.

Don’t be afraid to fail—just make a course correction and continue on the journey. Let failure be your teacher and love yourself through the strength and learning it gives you. Look to a higher level than this earthly situation, and from that vantage point you can rise above thoughts of judgment, anger, and regret, and see the perfect right action in the situation, see it as a necessary step in your journey.

We are here to learn more and to love more, not to be perfect. We were created as human beings, and making peace with our human failings is an important part of life, especially learning to love ourselves and others despite the imperfections.

No one is immune from failure, unless they never try. We are here to rise above the fear and judgment and find the higher, loving voice inside of us, the part of us that knows we are beautiful beings, worthy of love despite our human qualities. Despite the “fascinating feedback” that failure can bring.


I let life be my teacher and move forward toward my goals without fear.

I let go of expectations and enjoy life as a grand adventure. I look forward to the learning and new experiences waiting for me. 

I love, give, create and share all I can without worrying about the results. There are always positive results—like more good and more art in the world.

*It may be helpful to repeat positive affirmations as part of your daily routine, or to help bring you back into a more peaceful present moment.

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