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Rising Above Resistance and Negativity

When we’re caught in the ego‘s tunnel vision, we can choose at any moment to think more expansively and see all the possibilities for good, for peace, for love that life holds for us. If we’re resisting something that’s happening, we can expand our thinking to the higher level of love and find ways we might enjoy our day, or do good in some way, or simply find a way to bring love and peace to every activity.

For example, we can enjoy beautiful scenery or lovely weather. Or try and let go of resistance to chores such as washing the car, cleaning the kitchen, weeding, etc, and do them in a spirit of service to ourselves, those around us, and our environment. If we’re serving others at work, we can think of ways to channel kindness and positivity to everyone we meet, bringing the blossoming of love and peace into our hearts.

Rather than staying in the ego’s resistance, we can emerge from that lonely, angry cocoon, and find the beauty that exists around us in the Now. It is always there somewhere, if we look for it and connect to the higher level of love.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I connect to Universal Love and bring the spirit of giving to all my activities today.

I send peace to my heart and notice the blessings around me.

I set the intention to share positivity and loving kindness everywhere I go.



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