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Fear of Judgment or Being “Less Than.”

A common trigger for ego reactions is when we’re feeling “less than.” For whatever reason, we start comparing ourselves to others (or imagining someone else is comparing us) and finding us wanting. There’s almost no end to the aspects of ourselves, our accomplishments, etc. that an over-active ego could compare, and once it starts judging or running scared from judgment, watch out. Get ready for defensiveness, conflict, blaming, jealousy, and all sorts of negativity.

How do we get the ego calmed down? First, we recognize we’ve hit a wall and veered off from the path of love. So we come back to the present moment and listen to our inner wisdom, the voice of love.

We are all individuals and we’re meant to be different. We’re meant to have different talents, challenges, personality types, physical attributes, and we’re on different earthly paths of learning and experiencing. We may not know why some people seem to have it easier, but maybe they’re here to experience life and grow in a different way than we are. Each challenge that’s put in front of us is a learning tool. Maybe all we see is the good part of their lives and we don’t see the challenges they’ve had to deal with and overcome. People tend to put a good face on things, especially on social media, and it’s easy to believe others are leading wonderful lives when we only look from the outside.

And even if someone else is blessed with beauty, talent and personality, that doesn’t make us any less worthy. We each have our own contributions and gifts to share with the world. The more we let go of the attachment to what people think of us and release our judgments of ourselves and others, the more we are able to focus on all that we can do and can give. It’s okay if others do and experience great things too—we can be happy and proud of them as well as ourselves when our intention in life is to work toward everyone’s highest good. If we start measuring and comparing how much good everyone gets, that takes our attention to the ego and away from giving, sharing and expressing from the level of love. It takes us away from connection with the others who share the planet with us, and away from peace. No one is “less than.” We are all beautiful and valuable in our own way. If we always focus our intentions on the highest good of all, we will act with loving kindness and wisdom, and without fear.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I am a unique individual, beautiful and valuable just the way I am.

Universal Love guides me toward the path that is right for me, and I am learning and growing from every challenge.

When I observe negativity or judgment in others, I send them love and peace, and remember they are on their own path of learning.

I celebrate all the successes and blessings around me. I let love be my guide as I move through life, always working toward the highest good of all.


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  1. Congratulations Kathy. This takes a great deal of effort on your part to give of yourself and make a positive impact on others. And to include Kevin‘s photography is very lovely.

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