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Imagining a Positive Outcome

When things seem difficult and we’re getting bogged down in resistance and frustration to a situation in our lives, one idea is to imagine the positive outcome we’re working toward as already being here. As we take each step toward the successful outcome, we know that even if we run into obstacles, or it takes longer than we thought, we don’t have to let ourselves be dragged down into negativity.

Focusing on possible frustration and failure only brings more fears and resistance into our present moment. As long as we take all the steps possible to ensure a positive outcome, there’s no harm in imagining it as already accomplished—in fact, focusing our attention on the positive reduces stress and helps us feel more peaceful. We can keep our thoughts on a higher level, loving and accepting ourselves and what is happening in the present moment, and knowing we are in our perfect state of the process and a beautiful outcome is waiting for us. We may not know what the timing will be, or what we might learn on this path, but it’s all for our greater good. By focusing on the possibilities for success, we can bring peace into the present moment and expect more good to flow into our lives.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I visualize a positive outcome to all situations in my life and I know everything is happening for my learning and highest good.

I ask what my heart can teach me in every situation.

I let love be my guide.

I let go of resistance to the moment and I bring in love and peace.

I am open to the learning and higher purpose of every life experience.

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