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Relationships-Open Your Heart to Understanding

When a conflict arises, inquire. Seek to understand, because there’s usually a reason for the other person’s behavior. Often it’s only a difference of opinion or personality type. Just because someone’s personality type or opinions are different from our own doesn’t mean we can’t still love and respect them.

So, when conflict arises, notice the tendency to close off and build a wall of righteousness against that person to protect ourselves from being “wrong” or hurt. When we build that defensive wall, we cut ourselves off from understanding.

Instead of putting up the wall, open your heart and use loving kindness as a bridge. Open your mind to a new perspective and find out what you can learn from the situation. In this way, we can live more peacefully with the various people who share our lives. We can work together to craft the happiness of all, rather than working against each other.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

When there’s conflict in my life, I can always ask “how can loving kindness help this situation?”

We’re all human, learning and doing the best we can at any given moment. We all have an inner child who longs for love, and I open my heart so I can view everyone with understanding and compassion, including myself.

I ask my higher power for guidance to bring more peace and loving kindness into all my relationships.

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