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Worry About Finances….And Other Things

Worry about finances is a common trigger that can cause us to turn away from peace and listen to the fear voice in our head. Most of us have experienced this at one time or another and it’s easy to get “stressed out” over money situations. Of course, stress doesn’t help us feel any better. So, how to minimize the worry?

It helps if we can assure ourselves we’ve done everything possible to optimize our finances and address the issues our mind keeps replaying. If we’re dwelling on actions that need to be taken in the future, we can smile at our thoughts and say, “thank you, that’s for later.” Sometimes we need to write the thoughts down on our to-do list so we can release them from our minds, knowing they’ll be taken care of. If the fear voice starts bringing up worst-case scenarios, it can be helpful to create contingency plans so we’re more confident we can handle whatever happens. Once we’ve done everything possible to create the best outcome, it’s time to work on staying in the present moment and accepting our life situation as it is, focusing on whatever we can enjoy in life and being grateful for small blessings. When the time comes to take another action, we trust ourselves to do that.

There’s a higher purpose for every experience and with the guidance of Universal Love, we can handle them all. Life is a grand adventure with all kinds of twists and turns, and we’ll deal with each one when we get there. Our higher power is always there for us—we are loved and taken care of.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I am fully present in the Now and grateful for the blessings in my life.

I do everything I can to bring more abundance into my life, and I can handle every step of my journey as it comes. I bring peace and love into my heart, and into this present moment.

I observe worries or other negative thoughts and note anything helpful, then I let them drift away. I have no need to hold on to them.

Universal Love is always here for me—I am loved and taken care of.

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