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Finding Peace in Times of Stress

When we recognize stress and fear thoughts taking us over, that’s the time to pause and observe. Notice what’s really happening in the present moment (most of the time we’re actually okay).  Notice the running dialogue in our minds that’s all about things that shouldn’t be happening or that we’re afraid might happen in the future.

Once we become the witness instead of being caught up in these thoughts, this is a higher form of awareness. Eckhart Tolle calls it “being.” Basically, we’ve come back to the present moment and we’re aware of the Now, no longer unconsciously lost in the mental noise of stress and negativity. No longer resisting what’s appearing in the moment, just observing from a more peaceful place.

From here we can accept our feelings with non-judgment, we can see this present moment as our current starting point. When we’re aware and accepting what’s appearing in the Now, we can see the way forward with more clarity. Often things don’t seem as heavy or important and we feel lighter. From this place of peace and acceptance, we can learn and move forward with less attachment to our life situation. Rather than resisting and reacting, we can act with greater insight and wisdom.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I bring my attention into the present moment and observe any resistance to my life situation.

I accept my thoughts and feelings with loving kindness.

I see the present moment as my current starting point and make peace with what’s appearing in the Now.

My heart and mind are open to the guidance of Universal Love.

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