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Including Ourselves and Others in the Circle of Compassion

When we notice we’re becoming tangled up in dark thoughts or story lines, this is a clue it’s time to check in with our heart. We’re struggling and resisting something in our life experience, and the first thing we need is compassion, especially if we’re beating ourselves up.

More positivity doesn’t come into our lives by focusing on negativity. We can notice things we’d like to change and work on in our lives, but adding a negative, judgmental charge to the situation doesn’t help us do that.

When we send our heart the loving kindness and understanding we long for, we can relax into the clarity of the situation with peace and bring more happiness into our present moment. As we send compassionate energy to our own hearts, we can also radiate it out to others who are struggling with similar pain.

We are not alone, we are part of the human family, and some pain is part of life’s path for all of us. Everyone has experienced a loss or made a mistake, misspoken in anger, had to deal with disappointing or stressful events, felt sad or unsure of themselves.

When we widen our circle of compassion to include others in similar circumstances, this helps us soften our hearts and give other folks a break. We’re all doing the best we can at the moment—maybe we’d like to do better, but this is our starting point. And when we feel loved and supported by the one friend who’s always with us—ourselves—it’s easier to deal with this bumpy road of life.

So let’s lighten up on ourselves and everyone around us—we’re all here in this moment together, and everyone can use a little support and understanding.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I send love and compassion to my heart and to all people who are struggling.

Every day I’m moving toward more happy and fulfilling life experiences, and I support myself and others with kindness, accepting where we all are on the path.

Today I hold less tightly to expectations, and I bring kind energy with me into every situation.

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