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Success and Our Judgments

“Success is walking from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm.” —Winston Churchill

Most of us have felt regret or even embarrassment because someone seems to have more success than we’ve had. When I catch myself reacting this way, I try to look deeper into the feelings. I can recognize I’m over-identifying with my ego, which sometimes wants to compare and judge what I’m doing with my life as “less worthy” compared to people who are “really successful.”

So, what is real success? Perhaps being able to rise above the negative judgments and expectations of the ego is success. Serving the needs of my present situation without resisting the moment. Working toward my goals in the best way I can, but not judging myself or becoming overly attached to the outcome. These things are spiritual successes and are attainable for each of us, no matter our life situation, even if only for this moment, now. Living fully in the now without covering it up with judgment, regret, and a focus on unfulfilled expectations is the true success. 

Maybe we are not here to “succeed” in life, but to do our best in every moment. Our heart knows that loving ourselves and others through every type of life situation is how we succeed, helping and connecting with others rather than judging, labeling and separating ourselves.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I let go of expectations and do my best in the present moment.

I am compassionate and encouraging to myself as I work toward my goals. 

I am loving, kind and supportive to myself and the people in my life.

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