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Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, but it doesn’t have to be romantic love, and we’re not dependent on someone out there giving it to us. We can think of Valentine’s Day as a time to give love—to ourselves and to anyone we reach out to. Giving out love and kindness always feels good and is a wonderful way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, whether we’re giving to ourselves or to our partner, friends, relatives, or people in need.

We can start by sending loving kindness to our own hearts, remembering we’re valuable in our own way, with unique gifts no one else can give to the world. Whatever our situation, we are not alone, our higher power is always here for us. No matter what feelings come up for us, we can let them be as they are and hold them with compassion, being a loving friend to ourselves. 

We can also give loving energy to the world by practicing gratitude for any blessing we find, for the people in our lives, for the guidance, the beauty, the abundance, the opportunities. The energy of gratitude lifts us above a focus on what’s missing, bringing us to a higher, kinder place, where we more clearly see the good in life.

A day to celebrate love is a wonderful time to make connections even if we don’t have a romantic partner—we can call friends or family we haven’t seen in a while, get together with friends or reach out to someone who might be alone or in need. It can also be a day to be our own special friend by treating ourselves to our favorite foods, a movie, hike, museum, sporting event, massage, bubble bath, or any activity we find uplifting, even random acts of kindness. 

Whatever you choose, I wish you much love on Valentine’s Day. And let’s think of ways to spread it around every day—the world can always use more love.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I am a loving and kind friend to myself, appreciating my own unique gifts. I deserve love and enjoy treating myself well.

I am grateful for the people and the blessings in my life.

Every day I find ways to bring more love and kindness into the world.

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