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Relationships and the Need to Be Right

Dr. Wayne Dyer advises that we can “….either continue to practice being right, or practice being kind.” 

We don’t have to agree with everything the people around us say or do. Sometimes we do want to state our point of view. However, if we do that and keep our main focus on kindness, the other person will be more likely to listen to us. If we speak from a need to be right (which tends to make someone else wrong), we are more likely to draw an ego reaction from the other person and bring conflict rather than peace to the situation.

One kind statement Dr. Dyer suggests is, “That’s a good point….I’ll think about it.” Even if we don’t feel able to say the point is good, we could still say, “Okay, I’ll think about your point.” This doesn’t mean we will agree, or act on their advice or opinion, but we’re treating them with kindness and respect, and allowing them to have their view of the world, whether or not we agree with it.

When we practice being right, those around us will often do the same, and fight harder against us. In turn, when we practice being kind, those around us are more likely to practice kindness, bringing peace to the situation.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I think, speak and act with loving kindness.

We all have different personality types, thought systems and life situations, and we’re in different places on our life journey. I seek to understand others’ point of view, then I speak my truth with kindness and respect.

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