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Turning Around a “Bad Day”

When we’re having a “bad day,” feeling down or acting out in a negative way, we’re usually narrowing our awareness to a small sense of self, feeling disconnected from the love and kindness that exists in all of us. This is a time to pause and reconnect with our heart, bringing in the compassionate energy of love.

When we connect to love, we stop fighting and judging ourselves and what’s appearing in our lives; we can hold our feelings with kindness and compassion. Peace flows into us and we see with more wisdom.

Bringing kind, loving energy into our lives whenever we need it throughout the day is like exercising a muscle. Any time we notice ourselves or others acting in unkind ways, we can try and find time to pause and practice bringing in the heart’s energy. The wisdom of the heart helps us relate to ourselves and others with understanding and loving kindness.

We may need to take a few minutes by ourselves or simply be silent for a moment to bring peace back into our hearts. It can help to place a hand on the heart and take deep, relaxing belly breaths. It takes practice and isn’t always easy, but bringing love back to our present moment is a powerful catalyst to change our day from a “bad” one, to a day we practice opening our heart and learning to live with more love and compassion.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I pause and connect with my heart and the energy of loving kindness.

I am guided by my heart’s wisdom; peace flows through me and into my life.

No matter what is happening in my life, I practice bringing love and peace back into my present moment.

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