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A Mother’s Day Gift

There is a beautiful loving, nurturing energy in the Universe, and we can center ourselves and connect to it at any time. I call this Universal Love, but feel free to use the name that’s right for you. On Mother’s Day, we celebrate the gifts that flow from mothers, and their ability to share love and nurture those around them. Those abilities are within all of us when we open ourselves up to Universal Love and bring the gifts of kindness, compassion and nurturing into expression. 

On a day like Mother’s Day, there are many expectations we can become overly attached to, which create pain for us. Maybe our mother wasn’t able to be nurturing, or is no longer with us. Maybe we aren’t able to celebrate with family for some reason, we’re estranged or in conflict with family, or we always longed to be a mother but are unable to.

If we are feeling the pain of attachment to any of these or other expectations and resisting what is, the pain can seem very real and immobilizing. We’re feeling separate from the love and nurturing we seek, and it hurts. 

To transcend the pain, we first honor and accept our feelings. By centering in the heart and connecting with Universal Love, we can find the true nurturing we seek. Deep down we all desire that kind and loving connection, and it is always there waiting for us. By sending light and love to heal the pain in our hearts, we connect to and give out the beautiful nurturing energy we seek. The more we give compassion to the hurting child within us, the more we feel the joy of giving and of being nurtured by Universal Love.

So let’s give the gift of unconditional love and peace to the beautiful little child within us. When we start by nurturing our own hearts, we naturally want to send this beautiful energy out into the world. 

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I connect to Universal Love and bring its healing and kind energy to nurture my heart.

I surround the beautiful child within me with love and compassion.

I keep my inner child close to my heart, wrapped in the comforting arms of love.

I send the nurturing energy of loving kindness and peace into the world today through my thoughts and my actions.

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