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Reducing Stress and Creating the Life You Want

Do you notice you’re giving a lot of energy and attention to what you don’t want in your life? Resisting what’s happening in the present moment? This resistance creates stress and feelings of unhappiness.

Focusing on what we don’t want rather than looking toward new opportunities means we’re spending too much time in a stressful space (my husband used to call it “simmering in stress stew”). This not only feels bad, but is actually unhealthy for our physical bodies.

So for example, instead of bemoaning a lack of money and creating more feelings of anxiety, we can choose to brainstorm ideas to move us toward abundance. Even if we’re not there now, that’s okay—we start taking steps. We can celebrate this point in our individual journey and get excited about moving forward. Visualizing what we want and moving in that direction helps us lift our mood, feel happier, and become more productive. 

Another example would be: if we’re beating ourselves up for being out of shape, we could instead brainstorm positive ways to get stronger and feel healthier. If we find ourselves moping around again, we first give our hearts a little compassion (everybody gets down sometimes), then decide on the next step we’re taking toward our dreams.

Journeys don’t happen overnight, and we’ll be happier throughout if we enjoy and celebrate all the steps, even the beginning ones. If we backslide, that’s okay, we can ask for help, give ourselves more structure, or just get back on the path. Whatever it takes. If we keep going and putting in the effort, eventually it’ll get easier, plus we’re likely to achieve our goals! 

If we focus on all the ways to get more of what we want in our lives and start taking the steps, loving right where we are in the journey, we’ll feel excited about the direction of our lives rather than resisting the fact we haven’t “arrived” yet. Our whole life is a journey, and we never really “arrive.” There’s always more learning and growing to do.

So let’s look beyond our resistance and enjoy the ride toward our future.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I’m excited that today I am imagining and creating a better future.

I send compassion to my heart and accept where I am right now. At any moment I can choose to focus on bringing more joy, peace, and happiness into my life. 

My imagination is unlimited and I can always find a way to create more of the life I desire. I focus on the possibilities and take steps toward my dreams.

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  1. Thanks, Kathy. That’s a nice post. Seems like I’m always stressed about something or other. Sorry I missed your gig tonight. I just read your email, and you are right in the midst of it. Hope you had a wonderful performance!

    1. Thanks for your support, Audrey. I’m glad the post was helpful. The gigs went well–hope to see you soon!

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