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The Heart’s Guidance System

When we choose to live from the heart, relying on its wisdom, we are guided in a direction that brings joy. We are living our truth, in alignment with the highest version of ourselves rather than our small sense of self.

When we’re feeling stress, sadness, anger, or any form of negativity, it’s a signal to check in with our heart. Sending ourself compassion and loving kindness helps lift us to a place where we’re more in tune with the heart’s wisdom. We’re able to see from a higher perspective and decide if our current path brings us joy, or if we need a course correction. 

Feeling what resonates with our heart is like a guidance system. Even in challenging situations, we can find things to be grateful for and choose a path forward that brings us the most love and joy at the moment. Listening to our heart’s wisdom helps lead us out of darkness, into a lighter place of peace.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

Today I listen to my heart’s wisdom and align with my higher truth.

In challenging situations, I look for a higher perspective. I seek to learn and grow from all my experiences.

If I feel stuck in negativity, I send myself compassion and loving kindness, and listen to my heart’s guidance. I take steps forward on the path to more joy in my life.

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