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Choosing a Better Thought

We always have the choice to focus on what we want in life and are working toward, or on the lack of whatever it is we want. One moves us forward, the other can immobilize us. One leads to positive attitudes and productive action, the other creates more unhappiness and stress. 

Sometimes we need to give ourselves compassion and accept that we’re in a place where we need to express our feelings or deal with difficult issues. Of course, this is part of life and it’s important. 

But the problem is when we’re stuck there. 

In any moment, we can choose to look for a more positive idea, thought or opportunity to work toward, even if it’s just finding out where to get help. Or learning to be more peaceful and grateful in the present moment. There’s always some more positive thought we can reach for to give us hope. We have the freedom to seek peace and new opportunities for positive change. The choice we make right now can lead us to more happiness, or away from it.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

Today I choose to seek better feeling thoughts and positive opportunities.

It’s okay to feel negative emotions, but I don’t have to get caught up in them and allow them to control me. I send love and compassion to my heart.

In each moment I make choices that point me toward more happiness and peace. I look for opportunities to move forward toward the life I want to create.

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