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The Flow of Abundance

When we set our intention every day to give our gifts to the world, to lift others, to bring the qualities we value to every person and situation, we are creating more beauty in our lives.

Our intention to bring loving kindness, compassion, creativity, abundance, peace and joy into every moment and give them out creates a beautiful outflow into the world. And what we send out eventually circulates back to us in one way or another.

When our outflow of positivity is blocked by fear, anger, hurt or another painful emotion, taking time to hold our pain in a loving, compassionate embrace keeps the outflow of good going and helps us move beyond our stuck places to a higher, more peaceful state. Here we find the strength and wisdom to give what we can to the world once again, to find even small opportunities to share.

Receiving is a part of the flow of life, but what creates happiness is giving. When we allow concern to creep in about how much we’re getting, we can block the flow of joyful giving.

So today, let’s set our intention to give whatever gifts we can in every situation and create more happiness for ourselves and the world.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

Today I set my intention to give my gifts to the world, to lift others, to bring positive energy into every situation.

I release judgment and resistance of people and situations, and instead shine light on opportunities and solutions. I seek to be loving, kind, and compassionate to myself and those around me.

I no longer focus on lack, but turn my attention to all I can give and the happiness I can create.

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