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Creating Happiness by Practicing Gratitude and Kindness

What do gratitude and kindness have in common? When you’re being kind to yourself and the people around you, you’re actively creating happiness. Choosing to see the blessings in your world and be grateful for them is also a kind choice that brings more light into your life. 

It’s easy to let a painful event or situation take over our attention and block our flow of gratitude and joy. When this happens, it’s harder to be kind, and we can end up in an unhappy spiral.

Bringing our focus back to our blessings is an act of kindness to the heart. We’re encouraging ourselves to notice the sources of light and the good all around us. When we’re unkind to ourselves and focusing on what’s wrong, it can feel like we’re wrapped in a dark cloud. 

So whenever we’re feeling down, we can choose to be kind to ourselves and others, take off the blinders and see all that shines in our lives. We can create joy in this moment. We are more powerful than we know. Kindness and gratitude connect us with our higher power and with the flow of love and blessings in the world. Even if it’s our first step, changing focus can start us on a journey to a more positive place.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

Today I take my focus off of what’s lacking, and I choose to see the joy, love, and possibilities for growth in my life.

I look for the hidden blessings I may not notice, starting with every part of my body that is healthy and serving me.

I set my intention to bring loving kindness and compassion to my heart, and to every situation and action. I find something to be grateful for and look for the opportunities in this moment.

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