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The Lesson in Our Tensions

“Do you know the center of your tensions?” —Mark Nepo, Seven Thousand Ways to Listen

Tensions show us where we are feeling separate from our heart. We’re resisting and judging life, not opening up to its flow. We’re afraid of this point in the journey—like it’s the highest point on a roller coaster and we’re not sure we can handle the ride down. It’s fear of pain, loss, failure. It’s resistance to much of what’s part of life and learning.

When we come back to our heart’s wisdom, there’s nothing but compassion there. We are always welcome, no matter how far we’ve strayed. Life is a continuous practice of recognizing when we’re lost in unnecessary drama, and coming back to the peace that lives inside us.

We can work to change what’s appearing in the moment, but resisting it won’t help us. So for now let’s allow it all to be, even the fears and the tension. Our heart can hold it all in compassion. And we can hold each other when we come back to our heart’s embrace.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I work to change what I can, then I allow this moment to be as it is.

I notice when pain or fearful thoughts arise, and I hold them in my heart with loving kindness.

I open my mind to the possibilities for learning and sharing love in every part of my life adventure.

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  1. This is outstanding wisdom, Kathy. God Bless You! Thanks for taking the time to share your message of hope. Theresa

    1. I’m so glad I can share messages that have been helpful to me. Thanks so much for reading and supporting the blog Theresa! Hope you and the family stay well.

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