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Lifting Ourselves Out of Fear

All we have to do is turn on the news lately to feel some level of fear and anxiety. If we’re dealing with repeating fear thoughts, remember we all have moods that fluctuate throughout the day and week. Sometimes we’re troubled because we’re tired, hungry or stressed, or something has happened to trigger us. 

I personally find early morning a difficult time for me to deal with fear thoughts. If I wake up earlier than I’d like, I often have trouble going back to sleep if I’m anxious and worrying about something. Deep breathing and sending myself compassion can sometimes bring me back to a more positive, mindful state. Imagining positive outcomes, or considering how I might learn and grow from the situation can also be helpful, or a prayer of healing for the fear-based thoughts. But sometimes my mood prevents all my efforts from being effective and I lie awake feeling anxious.

At times like these, turning to a calming activity that takes the mind on a different journey can help. I find reading a light fiction novel helps me (nothing too scary or violent). Another idea is to listen to a meditation or other positive, inspirational recording. Often these include soothing music and can aid in calming and refocusing the mind.

During waking hours, we can often take productive action to improve situations that trigger fear. But if we’ve done all we can and are still anxious, activities like picking up an uplifting book, calling a friend for support, or watching a funny TV show can help the mind loosen its grip on fearful stories and lift our spirits. There are many more possibilities, such as journaling or writing down antidotes to our negative thoughts; it’s great to brainstorm and keep a reminder list handy.

Everyone can experience fearful moods, and learning how to lift ourselves out of them is a good alternative to “simmering in stress stew,” as my husband would say. May we all find what works best for us, and sleep more peacefully.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

When fear thoughts pass through my mind, I simply recognize their presence, and send love and compassion to my heart. I make note of anything they have to teach me, then I let them go on their way.

I release any stress or tension, and visualize soothing and healing energy flowing through my body.

I take the positive actions that are possible, then I let my mind rest, allowing this moment to be. 

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