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Sowing Seeds For a Beautiful Future

“Remember that everything starts with a thought and thoughts produce in kind.” —Wally Amos

All of our thoughts and actions are seeds. We’re constantly sending energy out into the world which helps shape our lives and relationships. When we consciously bring positive thoughts, intentions and actions into every situation, we’re planting seeds for happiness and abundance.

Each thought or action has its own energy that draws similar thoughts and actions. For example, if we focus on all that’s wrong in our day, our mood becomes darker and we create even more stressful, unhappy thoughts.

However, if we’re able to turn the thoughts around with kindness and compassion toward ourselves and others, direct our energy toward opportunities for solutions and good we can do in our world, we plant very different seeds. We can lift our mood to a more hopeful, productive and compassionate place, embracing the ups and downs of life rather than engaging in a fruitless fight against them.

When we sow seeds of kindness and peace, and give all we can for the benefit of each situation, we stop spinning our wheels in negativity and change our direction toward a happier, more fulfilling life.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

Today I direct my thoughts toward new and exciting opportunities in my life.

I plant seeds of gratitude and kindness everywhere I go.

I find ways to give to situations and to the people around me.

If I find I’m resisting my life experience, I hold the painful feelings in my heart with compassion and kindness. I open my mind to see the blessings in life, and allow my heart to guide me toward productive, positive actions.

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