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What do we do when life suddenly seems too much for us? We’ve been strong, we’ve handled everything. But especially in times like these, it’s easy to cling tightly to our view of how everything “should be.” And before we know it, we can find ourselves in resistance mode asking, “Why me? Why can’t life go according to plan? Why do things have to be difficult and painful?”

Guess what? It’s okay to not always have it together. It’s human. When we’re trying to fix something, we sometimes don’t know how to do it without stepping on people’s feelings. Life isn’t black and white, and things aren’t always simple. We’re here in life school, and one of the hardest things is to stop blaming life or other people or ourselves, and just look at all of it with compassion.

So what if things went poorly today? We didn’t get things done or handle them well. We’re human. We all deserve compassion. We’re better off without the belief that we can somehow make ourself and our life “perfect,” because that’s a fantasy. This planet is a crazy, messed-up place sometimes, and it’s also amazing and beautiful, full of love and unexpected connections. 

What if we just remind ourselves how fascinating our life journey is? How much more we can learn by opening our minds with loving kindness for ourselves and others instead of staying in fixed roles of critic or victim or perfect role model? We all have these aspects and more to our character, and only by being aware of which one’s showing up are we capable of making a different choice. A better, more loving and compassionate choice.

It’s okay we’re not perfect. It’s okay other people aren’t either. We’re not meant to be, and neither is life. We’re meant for infinite variety, for learning, growing, and adventure, our own unique journey—wherever it takes us. The more we can lighten up and be easier on ourselves, the more we’ll enjoy this unpredictable ride around the sun.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

Today I let go of resisting what I can’t change, and set my intention to give all I can to life. I am loving and kind to myself and others, knowing we’re all perfectly human and unique, and worthy of respect.

I lighten my expectations of how things “should be,” and allow myself to learn, grow and find opportunities in every situation.

I view myself and those around me with compassion, focusing on the good in all and listening to my heart’s guidance.

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