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What Are We Creating Today?

Life is our work of art. Every day we go into the world with all its wonders and give our gifts, choose what colors we add and where to focus our energy.

Often, the day is mapped out for us. Sometimes we may resist what’s happening. But our story is what we do with that template, what we create, how we give to and connect with the people around us, how we’re able to shine right here in our corner of the world today. What can we find to appreciate, to light up our journey and that of our fellow travelers? 

What if we look at each day like a blank canvas, waiting for even our smallest brushstrokes to create something unique of our choosing? Wherever we are, we can create our own blend of joy, beauty, art, kindness, change, discovery, service, humor, love. It’s our choice what kind of life we build today. Let’s get started.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

Today I give my unique gifts to each situation I encounter. 

With every action, I am creating the life I choose.

Whatever my starting point, I continually take steps toward my dreams. Every day I am becoming more of the person I want to be.  

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