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Finding Our Joy

It’s the season of happiness and good cheer, time for giving and receiving joyous holiday wishes. But what if we’re not feeling joyful? Try as we might, things don’t always turn out well or go according to plan, especially in a year like this one.

What can we do to turn things around if we’re feeling unhappy or stressed during the holidays (or any time, for that matter?). 

We can start by being kind and compassionate to ourselves. Giving ourself a break and a hug. Lightening up. And setting the intention to be kind always helps, no matter what’s happening. 

Another idea is to look for opportunities in the situation. This takes attention from whatever’s upsetting, and instead shifts our focus toward positive action. 

I’ve found it helpful to ask myself questions that point me in the direction of those possible opportunities and blessings. So I’ll close with some questions to think about:

  • What can I be grateful for in this situation?

  • What steps can I take toward making things better or reaching my goals?

  • How can I make a positive contribution?

  • What can I find to enjoy?

  • What can I learn from this?

  • How can I grow?

  • How can I be kinder?

  • How can I be more loving?

  • How can I help myself learn to better deal with this?

  • How can I help others?

  • How can I bring more joy into my life and the lives of others?

Wishing you a season of peace and love, and a New Year full of opportunities!

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