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Change Your Intentions, Change Your Relationships

The quality of our relationships can have a big effect on our happiness. So here are a few thoughts on improving relationships, starting with three intentions I’ve found helpful:

     1. Honor each others’ feelings.

     2. Be kind and supportive.

     3. Contribute to each others’ happiness.

It’s all about being loving kindness in action, and it’s a practice. We may not always succeed, but we can simply set the intention again and continue to work toward positive change.

It’s also important to be supportive and kind to ourselves; it’s difficult to improve our relationships with others if we’re not treating ourselves well.

I love the idea of building emotional bank accounts with one another—the more we make positive deposits, the more we have saved up to help us weather those times we miss the mark.

Every day is an opportunity to set a new intention and keep practicing. Keep building those emotional bank accounts. Keep setting our intention to be love in action. And keep moving forward toward stronger connections and more happiness.

Here are affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I set my intention to be loving and kind to myself and others.

I honor my own feelings and also allow others to have theirs. We’re all human and on our own paths.

I let love be my guide in all my relationships.

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