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The Path to Happiness

Happiness comes from a continual letting go of those thoughts and stories that lead us away from it.

For a moment, distance yourself and observe any thoughts and stories about why you can’t be happy. They’re just stories. Perhaps composed of memories, fears, assumptions. But they have no real substance in the here and now.

The feelings you have about them are real and can be honored by coming back to the heart and holding them gently with compassion. This isn’t a quick fix, but a continual practice.

If you’re feeling unhappy, let go of the story and come back to your heart. What does love tell you about what’s happening?

How can you begin to choose thoughts and actions of peace, kindness and connection in the situation?

How can you bring more of your heart’s peace and wisdom into your life, allowing all that keeps you from it to be as it is for the moment? Continue to steer your life in positive, loving directions, but let go of the thoughts and stories that imprison you. You are so much more. They have no power over you. Come back to love and let it all go.

Here are some affirmations that may be helpful reminders:

I let go of unhappy thoughts and stories, choosing to let love guide me.

When I notice feelings of unhappiness, I practice coming back to my heart and holding the feelings with kindness.

I inhale a deep breath of peace and relaxation, then breathe out with a smile, focusing on everything I can be grateful for in this present moment.

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