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About Love Light Messages

Photo by Kathleen Stanley

Love Light Messages shares positive inspiration that’s available to all of us by discovering our own heart’s wisdom.

Finding our heart’s wisdom doesn’t have to be connected to any religion, though it can be. The most important thing is to feel our own connection with whatever we believe is our source of love, wisdom and truth.

“You have never seen, touched, smelled or physically felt a thought or a dream or a feeling, yet you know they exist.” —Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Real Magic

There are many names for our heart’s truth, such as our inner wisdom or higher power. If you receive guidance from a particular religious teaching, you already call this source of wisdom by the name that is right for you. Our thought systems and beliefs may differ from others on this earthly level, but we can all recognize and connect to the source of wisdom and higher truth, whatever we call it.

By connecting to our heart’s wisdom, we can bring more of our loving spiritual nature into our earthly lives and we’re able to view our life situations from a higher perspective. Suddenly, our path becomes more clear, the path that leads toward the highest good for all, rather than the path of separation.